Local competition on June 19th

Dr Banner
Winner of the local competition

Dr Banner: the unique, all-in-one platform allowing brands to seamlessly plan, launch and optimize hyperlocal & drive-to-store online ad campaigns!

Raphael Taurel

Jeremy Roffe-Vidal
Sense Folio

Antoine Khatib

Smart Traffik was created by 4 founders in 2012. The idea arose from an observation: 80% of retail revenue is made in-store, online conversion rates stand still, and evolving connected consumer habits, does not allow for management of online and offline purchases separately. Based on this observation, Smart Traffik has developed a suite of SaaS solutions that will drive online shoppers in-store, and thus, provide an omnichannel path with the customer at its core. Smart Traffik enriches the shopper experience by unifying both online and offline worlds. By combining its initial drive-to-store widgets with a smarter in-store tracking, it allows brands and retailers to build predictive analysis on shopping habits or inventory shortage. Measure the impact of your online investments on your offline sales!

Laurent Simonin