New York

Local competition on June 12th

Winner of the local competition

Continuous Education of Physician is a 21st century global Challenge. The Invivox platform allows physicians to share their best practices with their peers, all over the world.

Julien Delpech

Algama is imagining next-generation everyday foods made from microalgae. Delicious, good for people and sustainable !

Alvyn Severien

Butterfly is an employee intelligence and management coaching software designed to transform managers at all levels into exceptional leaders. Butterfly helps modern organizations gather regular employee feedback that drives actionable insights and builds stronger, more transparent cultures. A pioneer in AI-powered management coaching, Butterfly’s self-learning technology uses real-time team feedback to deliver customized leadership training and content to managers on an ongoing basis. Companies like GE, Citibank, Ticketmaster and Ogilvy rely on Butterfly to grow leaders and build stronger, happier teams. In 2017, the Webby Awards, the internet’s highest honor, named Butterfly as one of the top 5 platforms in its category.

David Mendlewicz
Content Square

Jonathan Cherki

Nift is a powerful tool that optimizes brands logistics from the factory to the final customers, through a network of transport and fulfillment partners.

Timothée Dumain

Thomas Clozel

Jean-Sebastien Gosuin