San Francisco

Local competition on June 5th

Winner of the local competition

Ava is breaking down communication barriers between the deaf & hearing worlds.

Thibaut Duchemin

Dawex is a global data marketplace where companies meet, buy and sell data directly. All types of data, all business sectors, anywhere in the world.

Anthoine Dusselier

Hyphen is an Internal Glassdoor for companies, enabling executives to constantly listen to their employees and get the real-time insights they need to make better decisions faster, and increase engagement, productivity and retention. Our customers used to use annual surveys; but they realize that new generations of employees want to express opinions in real-time and expect faster management decisions.

Arnaud Grunwald
OndaVia, Inc

Time counts for chemical analysis. OndaVia commercialize a fast and accurate water analysis system that enables real-time trace-level chemical analysis

Merwan Benhabib

OneKloud : Predict and Control Cloud-Infrastructure Spend Using predictive analysis and a top-down workflow platform, OneKloud organizes your AWS spend in a project-based, hassle-free and sustainable way, in line with your current ecosystem. OneKloud allows you to uncover and prevent wasted cloud resources. Future AWS spend is predicted and aligned with your budget goals, making teams and individuals accountable. OneKloud is attacking a market that spends $25 billion on cloud infrastructure (including 10 billion on AWS over the last 12 months, with over 48,000 companies just in the US!). Eric & Xavier are at the helm of a veteran team of 6 that has a long history of successfully working together with 2 tech company exits in Europe in this same B2B corporate software space. OneKloud graduated from the 500 Startups mid 2016 batch.

Eric Didier is a cloud website management platform for developers that provides scalable hosting and devops in a box.

Frédéric Plais